Bleaching: The Nitty Gritty

198_2005x2050_300dpi_all-free-download.com_2966011Have you wondered what is the best way to whiten your teeth?  Well, there really isn’t one technique that is best for every patient.  Some patients want the fastest method which is the in-office procedure, while others prefer the at-home technique because it causes less sensitivity and the cost is less.  Over-the-counter (OTC) whitening remedies offer patients an effective but unsupervised method which is gaining popularity. So what’s the real difference in all of these methods.  It’s simple….whitening is a measure of the strength of the bleaching chemicals and the length of time that these chemicals are in contact with your teeth.  If you choose the fastest method, the in-office procedure, you will pay a premium price because of the dentist’s chair time that it takes to complete your procedure.  This choice also is the most likely to produce sensitivity because of the higher strength of the bleach.  The at-home technique is just as effective in whitening your teeth as the in-office, however it just takes longer.  The OTC method is the least effective method for most people because of the lack of intimate contact of the bleaching chemicals with your teeth and the low strength of the bleach.  Additionally, with products such as Crest White Strips, the strips only cover the front teeth so the back teeth won’t get whitened.  For some, this doesn’t matter, but for others who have a really big smile that shows some back teeth, it can be a deal breaker. Pick the choice of whitening based on your dentists recommendation since he is most aware of your particular dental situation.  Just remember, all of these techniques work but you must balance costs with how quickly you have to have results!  Also keep in mind that the faster you bleach, the more sensitivity you are likely to experience.