A Very Special Practice


The practice of Houston Prosthodontist Dr. Mark Stankewitz is dedicated to esthetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry. Every day is approached with the purpose of restoring compromised dentitions to optimum esthetic and functional health. This inspiring challenge drives us to seek innovative improvements in clinical skills which we enjoy sharing with other clinicians. These skills not only benefit patients with complex issues but also those whose needs are less involved. Simple fillings or routine cleanings are approached with the same precision and accuracy as complex dental reconstructions. Our on-site dental laboratory insures the consistency of this high level of dental care. The blending of art and science is no accident, but rather careful implementation of evidenced based dentistry by skilled hands. In today’s world of high volume, commodity driven dentistry, patients are pleased to be the center of attention during their experience in our office.  It is our belief that focusing our efforts on one patient at a time provides the best experience while ensuring optimal results.